When Questions Get Exponential...And People Get Real

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today we answered a question together:

"For whom are we responsible?"

As a primarily work-focused training trip to Rollins College (@RollinsCollege), we joined the Ask Big Questions Team (@AskBigQs) to experience and be trained on how to 'Ask Big Questions' on our campuses. In practice and in intentionality, the questions that are Ask Big Questions questions, get to a place that is deep and unexpected but once you share and connect and decide to take action - you're so glad you visited that place of reflection.

I think deeply and at times, too often - I have lists and lists of questions I use as journal prompts and pose to my close friends to reflect and explore, which result in our connecting on a deeper level.

"For whom are we responsible?"

We began with questions, we answered them in the group and in pairs, we brought more questions with us as we traveled together and wrapped up nicely with...more questions.

The beauty of life can be found in the simplest questions. The real question is, are we willing to ask?

Many will find the approach of "Who are you?" or "Where do your passions lie?" to be sufficient in getting to know a person. So before someone asks those questions of you, ask those questions of yourself.

Warning: Questions in the mirror (ones you ask yourself) are sometimes larger than they appear. (like a rear view mirror) ;)

Questioning can get exponential...so write them down. You'll see that one question will lead to more, so pace yourself as you answer.

Use pen and paper when possible, you'll want to remember, revisit and reflect.

~Hasta Pronto



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